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Home Inspection

Home Inspection Detail
Put simply, a home inspection is a visual examination and technical analysis of the major systems of a house performed for existing homeowners, prospective purchasers, or third party agencies. The systems inspected include the Roofing, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Insulation, Plumbing, and the Interior

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A step above the rest
Included with every inspection or as a separate service, thermal imaging can save you money by finding energy loss, subtle defects from water damage, electrical hot spots and other thermal anomalies that the human eye simply cannot see.
I also use a remote WIFI inspection camera with 40 feet of range to better inspect areas that are inaccessible.

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Raising The Bar

Going where others wont
The current standards for ontario home inspections do not require the inspector to go on the roof, or into any hard to access areas.

At first look property unless the roof pitch is dangerous to walk on or there is a true risk of danger I will go there!

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Continued Service

Making sure you understand
Reviewing a home inspection report can be overwhelming, especially with the high pressure market we are currently in.

After an inspection is done I like to review it over the phone, or safely in person at the site to make sure the client understands exactly why they are investing in.

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Property Inspection Parry Sound , ON

Decisions related to real estate can be confusing and complicated, especially for those that are not familiar with the industry. A Property inspector in Parry Sound helps such individuals and organisations.

At First Look Property Inspections, our objective is to simplify the task of making a real estate decision for you. Whether it is purchasing a new Property, selling your existing property, or simply starting a renovation project, we can help.

With the information from our unbiased and detailed Property inspection reports, you can make informed real estate decisions with absolute confidence.

Best Property Inspector Parry Sound

At First Look Property Inspections, we take our job very seriously. That’s why our Property inspectors in Parry Sound are all professionals that carry licenses from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). We also work hard to ensure the service standards we follow consistently fulfill and exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

Our commitment to providing fair, transparent, and dependable Property inspections in Parry Sound, combined with our cutting edge equipment allows us to provide the best in Property inspections to our clients in Parry Sound.

Affordable Property Inspection Services Parry Sound

At First Look Property Inspections, we take great pride in offering the best of Property inspections at the best possible rates.

We apply our experience and use state-of-the-art technology like thermal imaging to conduct thorough inspections of properties. The information revealed during these inspections is then compiled into an easy to understand report, complete with colour photographs, and delivered to your email address in PDF format.

The best part is, we ensure that these services are priced in a fair and sensible manner. This way, the cost of ensuring your own peace of mind will not be a cause of stress.

Don’t take our word for this. Get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote for your Property inspection needs and we promise to pleasantly surprise you with an affordable quote.


As an NACHI certified professional inspector, I can assure you I am qualified for the job. I use thermal imaging on every inspection, along with other necessary inspection tools such as a micro inspection camera, moisture meters, electrical testers and more. All the information is documented on site into and easy to read report that is usually available the same day.