Inspection finds

Basement Window Leaking Water

Sump pump hose leaking

This sump pump hose is spraying water all over the wall when turned on, this will cause the system to over work but also cause rot in the wall to the right.

Water Line leaking

This small water line drip could have turn into a full leak and cause serious water damage if it wasn’t found.

Water Line leaking

Another water line leak near the water heater! this is the most common area for supply pipes to leak because they expand and contract the most with tempurature differences, weakening the metal and solder joints.

Safety Hazard

No TPRV (thermal pressure reliefe valve) discharge tube can cause serious burn injuries if occupants are near if opened

Slowly But Surley (And Dont Call Me Shirley)

This small leak from the bathtub drain has rotted the floor joist and weakend it. Evaluation by an appropriate contaractor was recommended.

Over time a small leak can cause BIG problems.

Nail Popping

Nail Popping is from the expansion and contraction of wood due to humidity. In this case the attic vintilation needed to be improved. Two Gable vents saved this roof structure before the wood trusses began to rot.

Air Infiltration

Very common to see air infiltration at the door sill. Often the replacement of the threshold or weather stripping is needed.

Hot Fuse

Not hot enough to cause concern but this circuit was loaded by the dishwasher, further evaluation found the fuse was loose.

Bathroom Fan Pipe

Bathroom fans often discharge in the attic, this is an old practise that has been found to cause mold growth and wood rot from increased humidity levels. All bathroom vent fans should terminate directly outside.

Loose Toilet Anchor

Quite often the wood that holds the toilet to the floor will compress over time, causing the toilet to loosen from the floor. This will cause the wax seal to the plumbing to leak a little bit with every flush causing damage to the unvisible floor sheathing below. from there the wood that the anchors are in will rot and the floor will need replacement. It’s not just a loose toilet, theres more than meets the eye.

Caused by a loose toilet

This sewage pipe has a seeping joint, most likely caused by loose toilet anchors above stressing the joint every time it moves.