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Do you suspect your property has mold? The presence of mold affects air quality and can lead to respiratory problems. Besides allergies, mold can also cause skin infections. Mold isn’t always visible to an untrained eye. It can often occur behind drywall, wallpaper, paneling, inside ducts, around windows and so on.

Here are a few situations when you should get a Mold Inspection:

  • If there was a recent plumbing leak or any other water damage
  • If you’re facing mold-induced health issues
  • Before purchasing a property, old or newly built
  • If there’s a strange, pungent mold smell
  • If there is visible mold growth

To stay on the safe side and for your own peace of mind, getting a mold inspection is a smart idea. At JL Home Inspect, we offer professional Mold Inspection in Hawaii.

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Have you been having allergic reactions? Is your family facing respiratory issues? Does your home have a pungent smell?

Mold could be the culprit behind all these issues. When it comes to mold, you must take immediate action. JL Home Inspect is a reputable mold inspection company. If you’re looking for reliable and fast mold inspection, you’ve come to the right place. We offer mold inspection for residential and commercial properties.

Same-Day Inspection Reports

In less than 24 hours after your home inspection, we’ll already have your inspection report delivered so that you can immediately start learning more about your prospective home. We meticulously review each individual inspection finding to ensure that you’re given accurate and easy-to-understand information, and we explain any issues with the home’s condition in detail. We’ll even include color photographs as necessary to give you a more well-rounded breakdown of why a specific area of the home may need improvement.

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